Honestly, honestly...

Honestly, honestly
If you hear my mental fix
Don't bang the wall
Try and make me quit
I am not god's angel
Late at night I melt my dolls
Hang them up by nooses
You're not living NEXT door to an angel
Yeah, I really thought you were aware
That I could be your worst nightmare


As much as i love Events i just couldn't help going to the  - BIG SHOW - and sure enough i saw some really cute things , and spent a killing, what ever will i do with myself hmm? lol anyways go there and see if there's something there for you .. 

.PANIK. Amazing Body - White - Your Ride -

+Spellbound+ NachoBitch // Rainbows ( Hair ) - Your Ride -

*PerveTTe* My Socks Half Lace - Your Ride -

Cain - Kali V2 - Claws for Slink - Color HUD - Your Ride -