I think ill Keep him :)

Every single day he makes me smile , his laugh , the way he treats me, makes everything all worth while. He is my dream awake - he sleeps with me every night i can hear him breathing and for some strange reason, that calms me. I can't get enough of him. He makes my days better in a way , and he accepts this thing i am .. and he knows who he is .. 

He is perfect in my eyes .. Who knows what will happen tomorrow or next week or the next month, i enjoy being with him today.. i wont think about tomorrow until it happens, i will enjoy him for as long as i can .. thats what makes it perfect.


[monso] My Hair - Nana/ Pop ( HAIR ) - Your Ride - 
^;^CaTwA^;^ Hairbase/Colours ( Pink ) - Your Ride - 

IAF Floral Dress (Grey) (With Tango and Phat Azz Appliers) - Your Ride - 
-SU!- Black Carnival Crop Top #11 - Your Ride - 
*REIGN.- BOW PEEPS- BLACK - Your Ride - 

[RI] AlpaCandy Celly (Pink) ( CANDY FAIR ) - Your Ride -
.random.Matter. - Arrietty Head Jewel - Black - Your Ride - 
.random.Matter. - Wysteria Cuffs - Black - Your Ride - 

CREDO_(NECK): Valiant {Color&B&W} ( Tattoo ) - Your Ride - 

(POSES) - IAF Static Poses - Your Ride -